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🖊Batoul Khalifeh 


📅 2022-10-10


🕓 7 minutes


Batoul Khalifeh,  10-10-2022,  7 minutes,  Technology

We now live in a world where everything has become digital. That’s why It is no longer acceptable to just advertise your product or service on social media, without having a well-built website. Don’t you know that the number one reason why clients choose a supplier over another is dictated by the way their image is appearing?!

Knowing that Your website is a smart place where you can put your advertisement, it would be a strategic plan to increase your business revenues by simply creating a place where people can find more information about your brand, identity, products, and services.

Imagine you can place Any advertisement about your products and services on the internet and have it seen and known unlimitedly by millions of people around the different corners of the world, making it easier for anyone to easily buy whatever they want in just a simple click! Isn’t that stress relieving and so cost effective?!!

Yet it is worth highlighting that it is very important to understand that following a web advertising strategy is a completely different concept of advertising through a website.

As The first one goes to using the internet to simply advertise your company or product, while the second one comes to using your website specifically for advertising purposes.

Keep in mind that using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn by referring to your website in order to promote yourself as an entrepreneur or as a small business owner, allows your customers to know more about you and your brand, as it will definitely help you gain more exposure from potential customers who may be interested in what you can offer them.

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